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Zanatorian Constructor by Proiteus Zanatorian Constructor by Proiteus

Some of you may remember my first attempts to replace my first Necron Warrior conversion following the GW bitz discontinuation: [link] [link]

However I soon realized that it looked more like a robot build for construction and repair rather than for fighting purposes.
Plus although original it was lacking in detail compare to the later Iron Guard conversion so I decided to put it by and save it for a representing something else.

But recently I decided to make one as an objective model replacing the gauss blasters with small tools and upon seeing the final model I'm tempted to make a full set of 5?

What do you think?

--Zanatorian Miniatures--
Machine Lord (objective or herald): [link]
Harbingers (Chariots): [link]
Dragoons (Flamers): [link]
Iron Guard (Horrors): [link]
Steel Scorpions (Nurglings): [link]
Mastermind (Changling): [link]
Disruptor (Screamer): [link]
Golem (Deamon Prince): [link]
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Awww, he's so cute!

Seriously though, if you added a tiny bit of putty under the top set of eyes to increase the sharpness of the angle of the cheeks this thing would have a classic sad robot face. Add some sort of horribly wrecked and mangled robot to its base with it looking down at it and you have a perfect mini-diorama with the repair bot sad that its friend is broken down. It also might help to add actual eyebrows to it (Not that I'd know why a robot would have eyebrows...).

Alternatively you could put it on a base which makes it very apparent that the repair bot has gotten itself lost and is scared as a result.

You could then repair the others to make other silly expressions, like one smiling and hugging something (Like the objective.) another doing the panicked anime arm-flap whilst fleeing from something. Think of the sorts of expressions that the tachomas from GITS make for these and you'd have perfect pieces.

Another suggestion is that I still feel that these guys are WAY too unbalanced, they need to be a bit longer in the front and possibly the back as well. My reconnedation on how to do so is to use components from space marine Jump packs, just cut the intakes on the front off and mount the jets to the rear of the model, then used said intakes to add bulk and detail to the gap you will be left with underneath the model. This will add some more weight to the model without changing the front profile much at all, trust me he'll look better from the side if you add more stuff. If you wanted cool arms for these too check out the fabius bile backpack arms here [link]

As for other suggestions, I'd lose the energy things on the top, they look like they aren't a part of the actual bot as they don't obviously connect with its inards and they make it look tall and flat on top, giving the impression that there should be something more on the sides or behind them. As you are trying to keep these small I assume I'd just take them off entirely.

Have you considered actually just going ahead and making real tachoma conversions using these things as the heads? You have enough of them and I'm sure you could figure out how to make the rest of the body for them (Hint: Remember that scarab warrior conversion I did a while ago? Use something like that for the rest of the body.). I think that the body and jet pack from a tau battlesuit would go really well with the rest of this guy. If you did go with the tachoma conversion idea then the upper set of eyes would need to be covered up or else the model will look unbalanced, and if you did that you could make the lower set of eyes seem like an inset "face" inside the armored shell.

Either way though I think that you should make the arms a little more practical looking and take the gun off, we want this to seem really helpless and scared (And in this guys case lonely, poor little guy...) so it shouldn't have any guns at all.

Oh, and if you do the fleeing in terror one you need to use cotton balls spray painted light brown to make dust balls behind it as it flees.

Cheers mate, and keep these heresies coming, I mean stop this crap right now! ;)
What do you think?
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MadaiTalmai Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
LHS3020b Featured By Owner May 24, 2010
It looks very good, although perhaps the lights/lenses at the front (if that's what they are) would benefit a little from looking a bit more 'glowy'?
SoylentRobot Featured By Owner May 22, 2010
its adowable! what would you use it for?
Proiteus Featured By Owner May 23, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Nothing at the moment they isn't a suitable deamon for it to represent. I sometimes use it as objective.
Ultimate-Bebi Featured By Owner May 26, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
To be perfectly honest, that's a great role for that model. It definitely looks utilitarian AND it will help bridge the gap of your machine cult and tha Tau.

This looks like a rendition of the Earth Caste Drone, but with the "steampunk" look of the Imperium of Man. If anything, it tells me that while there are similarities between the the Zanatorians and the Tau, in the eyes of the Imperium, their heresey is only in their actions, that what they use is strictly theres.

So FLUFF wise, it looks great as the "public image" of their constructors, giving it the feel of the Imperium. And its definitely alien to ANYTHING within the 40k universe.
ranger1977 Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
hi adam sorry i cant leave a proper critique, but i only have a basic account.
well done on the paint job look really cool, nice contrast with the base.
looks a lot better than it did last night mate.
army is going from strenth to strenth.
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May 26, 2009
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