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Inquisitor Slide Show by Proiteus Inquisitor Slide Show by Proiteus
Due to not many people being interested in my story, I thought I would show you the campaign in an easy and interesting way. The first scenario is already mentioned in the chapter one of Conspiracy. I haven’t got round to taking photos based around Scenarios 2 and 3 where the Imperial Complex Proiteus was staying in got assaulted and the 3rd scenario where they were ambushed in the desert.
Anyway me and my mate went to Warhammer World for a day and played non stop Inquisitor, we got 3 parts of the campaign done and I really enjoyed it. So have a look at the slide show and have a read of the short reports on how the missions went.

Note that I plan to create a few drawing based on scenes from the campaign :D


Mission III: After being ambushed in the desert Proiteus got back to be told by Sallis that one of his enforcers had come across something disturbing. Proiteus along with Vyper, Sallis and the Dragoon were lead by an Enforcer to 6 containers of a dangerous Poisonous Gas capable of wiping out the rest of the planets populace. Proiteus quickly sent the Enforcer back to base to get a transport for the containers. But the Enforcer was suddenly stuck down by a Bolter shell and was killed instantly. In front of them on the 3rd level of a building was Brother Boil and a nasty cultist armed with an Assault Cannon, immediately they all ran to the nearest cover and began firing on the pair as well as two others on the ground. While Proiteus continued to shower the Death Guard marine with Bolter shells and causing some nasty wounds Sallis and Vyper considerated on rest of their attackers doing the best to defend the 6 canisters in the centre of the street. On of the cultists made a run for the canisters but was quickly stopped by the Dragoon. The two that were originally above the street on the 3rd floor of a building began to make their way down the Cultist with the Assault Cannon hoping to reach the canisters while Boil planned to cut up Proiteus for the nasty wounds he had caused, Boil would have returned fire but his belt fed Bolter has Jammed. Sallis and Vyper were now moving in for the kill as their targets were too close to the canisters to fire at anymore as Sallis ran towards him a mutant tried to shoot him with a Plasma Pistol but it blew up taking off his arm, by now the Dragoon had knocked out the Cultist with continuous stabs from it’s power knifes and made a charge at the mutant along with Sallis. Boil and Proiteus soon met on the opposite corner of the building where all the fighting was happening but despite his awesome power and strength Boil was brought down by Proiteus in 4 quick strikes with his power sword. Now with a sample of the Poisonous gas the cultist with the assault cannon now trying to fight off Vyper and after 3 turns of continuous fighting the Enforcer retrieval squad arrived and the cultists ran for it.

Mission IV: With information that the Cult Group now had several Viral Missiles Proiteus sent Vyper to check out Cultist activity at a ruined church accompanied by Dragoon and a new robotic Prototype given to Proiteus by the machine cult called Zeus. Vyper quickly arrived and supported by the 2 robots moved in to disarm the 5 missile launchers. Vyper quickly reached the first launcher in the ruined church and disarmed it while the Dragoon disarmed a Missile launcher on top of a nearby ruined building. Vyper was quickly spotted by Brother Boil and he fired a series of bolter shells at her but her quick reflexes allowed her to dodge them and she ran down a pile of rubble leading outside the church slipping up and hitting her head. Meanwhile the Zeus went head to head with Boil in a firepower match… A match it lost with several well placed boltgun shots Boil brought down the giant robot leaving Vyper and the Dragoon on their own. Without the aid of the Zeus robot Vyper and the Dragoon where separated, outnumbered and outmatched their mission now relying on stealth and skill. The Dragoon sliently moved in to destroy the 4th missile launcher that had been activated by Boil before he destroyed the Zeus. Vyper now sneaking pass Overdog a Ghono Gladiator (a half man and bionic armed with some nasty close combat weapons and pumped full of combat drugs.) and attempted to lure away a cultist guarding the last missile launcher by throwing a rock down the side of the church and hiding in a ruined pillar as he passed. But Vyper got to much attention and the Boil and the 3 cultists moved in, Vyper made a quick run at the launcher hoping to smash it console but was spotted by Overdog, with her cover blown she managed to smash the console before being overwhelmed and knocked out. The Dragoon had succeeded in destroying the 5th launcher and dragged the Broken Zeus back to the Transport and made its escape.

Mission V: Mission 4 basically involved an all out assault and rescue on the cultist that has nailed Vyper to the wall of the church and tortured her. The leader of the cult made his first appearance in the form of a deamonhost and offered Proiteus a place at his side, Proiteus refused and took a shot at him by the bastard dodged it. Proiteus aided by Brother Angus, Sallis, The Dragoon and Zeus battled past the cultists and at the very end of the game while Angus and Sallis held back Boil and Overdog, by this point the robots had been taking out of action. Proiteus had made it to the altar and had cut Vyper down she had been badly tortured and was barely alive Proiteus ordered Sallis to lay down a layer of smoke as they made there escape.
After the battle Vyper’s contusion was stabilised but she is now in a coma and Proiteus (who is secretly in love with her) now seeks revenge on the person who did this to her.

To be continued…..
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LukasEnricBS Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
awsome stuff :)
precinctomega Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010
Now, it's been a long time since I saw those minis. And that table in WHW has been repainted a couple of times since this campaign was player. But do I know you...?
Proiteus Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I took part in the Medusa Inquisitor Campaign?
precinctomega Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2010
The Architeture of Hate? I wrote that campaign!

Couldn't make the weekend, sadly. But we've got some more INQ gaming going on at WHW on 24 April, this year, at the Spring Conclave.
Dible Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
very nice i khan say as every time whit your work ^^
shiro-boy Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2005   Digital Artist
Thats pretty sweet! awesome job on the models!
blackswordsman28 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2005
damn...the modeling is intense...
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