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Da ThundaSquig Gunship (Vulture) by Proiteus
Da ThundaSquig Gunship (Vulture)

I've finally completed work on upgrading the Thundasquig Gunship with it's new Twin Linked Punisher Cannon armaments so it can now represent a Forgeworld Vulture Gunship. Plus a new paint job with a few extra details.

Of course there are tournaments that don't allow Forgeworld units so I've magnetized the horns on the front so I can switch between the Punisher Cannons and Lascannon weapons for when I need to use it as a Vendetta.
It's proven it's worth in nearly every game and it is truly devastating against infantry and even MC. 

Grot Rebel Laza Batteries UP (Rapiers) by Proiteus
Grot Rebel Laza Batteries UP (Rapiers)

The Grots are going to be getting some new tek soon, and first up is my Rapier Laser Battery Conversions, using the last of my guard tracks, and chaos bike parts (from the Ork Botz) plus a few other bits. It's size matches up very well to the size of the original forgeworld Rapier model. The design was inspired by the Soviet tanks from Red Alert 3.

Only question is should I paint the vent up like a vent or try and pull off a glow effect as if there was a reactor inside, remember these thing have a 50% chance to explode when destroyed? :D

Skrone Archidon by Proiteus
Skrone Archidon
My first big beastie, was a bit put off by it being metal but everything worked out in the end. Didn't think blending would work on it so I asked a friend to help me with an airbrush, the results speak for themselves.
Skorne Xerxis by Proiteus
Skorne Xerxis
Warmachine and Hordes has recently be introduced and have grown in popularity in my local gaming community. So this past month I've taken a break from 40k and been painting up some Battlegroups; First was Retribution which was a bad fit for my playstyle and then Skorne which are damn near perfect and I've enjoyed every single game with them. This is Xerxis my Warlock and I love how he can smack around beasts and jacks that get too close to him (In defense of course).

Decided to go with a Sea Green like colour, only problem is I've grown so accustomed to working with GW resin and plastic that I've never had to vanish before, so I was a bit dissapointed when my gold details lost their shine after the vanish was applied. 
Grot Rebelz Rifle Runtz (Ratlings) by Proiteus
Grot Rebelz Rifle Runtz (Ratlings)

Been a while since I did an update, mainly due to the introduction of Warhordes in my local gaming community which I've been swept up in and have been recently painting up a battlegroup. That said 40k will always be my favourite as for it's conversion possibilities more than anything else.

Anyway finally completed are the Rifle Runtz which shall act as my Ratlings snipers, like all of the grots it was fun to build and paint thou I'm moving towards the Model Color range for skin tones as GW paints tend to be too thick for the job nowdays.

Originally I was just going to have 9 Ratlings but a change to my list now means I need a 10th, problem is there isn't any more gretchin models that would make good snipers that I haven't already converted, so my 10th sniper is gonna have to be something different. :D

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As I mentioned I want to make the Grots a bit more green this time, meaning less looking like an organised guard army and more like a chaotic greenskin horde. I plan to have the veteran squads feature 3 to 4 variants of grot but still be recognizable as 1 squad, then over the weekend I had another idea.

Each squad will be a clan/gang of grot rebelz lead by a head honcho, basically what this means is each squad will have a their own logo, name and be modeled to show their own personality while remaining similar to the other veteran squads (they will all have the same equipment). Here's some ideas of clanz I came up with over Easter...

Name: Da Deff Diggaz
Wot dey do best: They dig anything from trenches to places to hide but love making pit traps for Orkz to fall in.
Appearance: Very dirty and armed with spades and pickaxes.

Name: Da Booty Huntaz
Wot dey do best: They love to loot and get the best bitz.
Appearance: Pirate hats, peck legs, eye patches and other small details.

Name: Da Tank Scrappaz (thou feel free to suggest a more explosive based name.)
Wot dey do best: BLOW STUFF UP!
Appearance: Most of the squad will have scars and look crazy plus all will be carry some form of explosives.

Name: Da Black Squigz
Wot dey do best: Follow Kapin Squigscream's orders and remain disciplined.
Appearance: Like well trained commandos.

Would anyone like to suggest another idea for a grot clan (name, appearance and skill) remember keep it grotty?


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